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Section 2: Vocabulary - Morphological Explorations


This section involves exploration of words and their pieces, and how breaking down words into their meaningful parts is applicable to reading, comprehension, vocabulary development, and critical thinking. Discussions not only of Greek and Latin roots, but also of the etymology of many other words, reveals many patterns that engage students, helping them to understand patterns of spelling, pronunciations, and word relationships, such as synonyms and antonyms.


Lesson 1: Nonsense and Made-Up Words, Focusing on Nouns and Breaking Real Words into Morphemes

Lesson 2: History Lessons

Lesson 3: Greek and Latin Roots

Lesson 4: The Grimm Brothers Make a Discovery or Why Sound Change Matters

Lesson 5: Analysis Reveals Verbs and Adjectives

Lesson 6: More on Verb Affixes

Lesson 7: Verbal Affixes Follow-Up (an -ate problem)

Lesson 8: Meaning Relations: Synonyms, Antonyms, and Other Nyms


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