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Section 4: More Language Exploration


This section explores topics that take advantage of our natural curiosity about language to investigate other facets of language, especially those relevant to the Common Core, such as figures of speech and idioms, explanations from the history of English for odd spelling patterns, discussion of the history of American English dialects, language policy (such as the Official English movement, bilingual education policies), and other common languages of the United States.


Lessons Coming Soon!


Lesson 1: Language Variation: Why We Have Dialects

Lesson 2: Dialects and LInguistic Discrimination

Lesson 3: Bilingualism

Lesson 4: Language and Power: Official Languages

Lesson 5: Native Languages of the United States

Lesson 6: Non-Native Languages of the United States

Lesson 7: Exploring Simile and Metaphor

Lesson 8: Language Change: from I see to literally

Lesson 9: Language in Context: Exploring Discourse and Pragmatics

Lesson 10: Idioms: Raining Cats and Dogs

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